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Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of fluoropolymers globally, with a presence in the fluorochemicals business since 1989, offers PVDF resins under the brand name INOFLARâ„¢.

INOFLARâ„¢ - Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resin finds application in industries like Chemical Process Industry, Semiconductor, Wire and Cable, Automotive, Construction, Lithium Ion Battery and Solar Energy. It offers excellent resistance to abrasion, to continuous exposure UV and to harsh chemicals. Further, it has good burn characteristics, good thermal & mechanical performance and high dielectric strength.

Manufacturing Plants

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL) operates two manufacturing facilities in India.

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Gujarat Fluoropolymer Research Centre (GFRC)

GFRC develops solutions to meet customer requirements and industry needs.

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Quality Assurance

Strong focus on product quality and consistency.

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Information & Events

New grades of PVDF available now under INOFLARâ„¢ portfolio.

Product Portfolio

GFL offers PVDF resins under the brand name INOFLARâ„¢.

  1. INOFLAR 1005
  2. INOFLAR 1020
  3. INOFLAR 1130
  4. INOFLAR 2025